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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ummm… Why is it so Windy?

I have not long been with Good Gracious! Events, but already I am off to the Mojave Desert in order to experience my first event. Upon arrival, I have to say I was amazed by the conditions. We were holding the event at America’s largest wind farm… so needless to say there was a little breeze about… sorry I mean GALE FORCE WINDS!!!

We had a special tent hired, which was reinforced and designed in order to deal with such conditions… but the wind was just getting stronger and stronger, making it more difficult to set up for party time.

Dan from GG! Was the party manager at this event, and from an educational perspective, it was interesting to watch him adapt to the situation in order to make it work.

Before long the client came over while we were setting up, and said to us that we are going to relocate! This was mentioned to us 1 hour before party time, so we had to use our vast experience… excuse me I mean Dan’s experience, in order to pack the stuff back up, move location, and set up again ready for the event…. Less than ideal it has to be said.

The event was for a corporate client, where they were revealing ground breaking work. At this very event I even saw my first celebrity! A guy like me, coming from a small village in tiny old Wales, serving food to celebrities! The equivalent I can think of back home is serving mum and dad dinner… not quite the same as a movie star.

Needless to say, we hustled to pack the party up, relocate to an indoor venue, create an amazing buffet, and have a successful event. As long as the client is happy, then that is all that matters… doesn’t it?


• There are no problems, only solutions
• You do whatever it takes to make the event happen
• There is no such thing as we “can’t” do this event
• Working as a team will bring the event together.
• For some reason it is REALLY windy at America’s largest wind farm?!

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