This blog describes my very own personal experiences from being a young English man, from a tiny village in South Wales UK, to living the life and rubbing shoulders with the stars in Los Angeles. this will demonstrate my development and should hopefully provide a few entertaining stories of my experiences. I hope you enjoy it, and feel involved with my time here in the United States.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Through the doors at Good Gracious! we get all sorts of different requests and ideas that come attached to events. In this case it was that we were not, under any circumstances allowed to talk about this specific wedding. So much so, whenever we were getting rentals, talking about it in the office or anything, we had to refer to it as “the family gathering” it was so secretive the staff didn’t realize it was a wedding until the showed up at the event! So of course I am going to write about it today…

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it was a high profile individual who was getting married, and they of course wanted complete discretion about their wedding day. In order to achieve that, they had us sign documentation to say that we would not reveal any details of the event… how nice to feel trusted like that! Makes you want to know more doesn’t it?

This again was a new angle for me. We were providing the food at the event, and the service, which I had the pleasure of joining in with. So I threw on a pair of black trousers (pants) white shirt, sage tie and a waist coat and tray passed the hell out of that party! If there is such a thing?

Again when describing the food to the guests, the question would come up… “English… or Australian???” not in a million years did I think that I would hear that question asked of me? But still it creates a great starting point, and people are instantly interested in what I have to say. And of course when I say England, the famous question arises “do you live in or near London?” NO!!! England is a little more than just London. But I understand.

So the event went well, it was only small, and held in a back garden of a Los Angeles home, it was very peaceful and very private. It was interesting for me to be involved with the service and interact with the attendees. I have to say it was very enjoyable. I can’t imagine all events going that way…?


• Apparently I can come across Australian?
• Respect the clients wishes of privacy
• Don’t be afraid to respond to the clients and interact

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