This blog describes my very own personal experiences from being a young English man, from a tiny village in South Wales UK, to living the life and rubbing shoulders with the stars in Los Angeles. this will demonstrate my development and should hopefully provide a few entertaining stories of my experiences. I hope you enjoy it, and feel involved with my time here in the United States.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I work in a small office in Los Angeles, and I have the absolute privilege of sitting opposite my wonderful, amazing, inspirational, “low maintenance” boss Pauline Parry…(read into that what you will!)

So far the daily routine is fairly simple… whatever people need, I get. I have been shown around the company computer system so I can grab a hold of the administration work needed for events. I get together timelines, equipment sheets, hardware’s, beverage sheets and put together the books to take onto event sites… the glamorous life of a trainee event planner!

Though I make fun of these responsibilities, they are all a key part (I like to think) in the execution of an event. To have documentation, where everyone can clearly see where they are meant to be, at what time, using what equipment is a powerful tool to ensure the event runs smoothly. Everyone is on the same page, and it gives the planner a good starting point.

Of course I have other responsibilities which include the typing up of proposals, contacting venues, and attempting to be a pleasant employee.

All these roles are key in my development as an event planner. I can see the obvious paperwork needed in order to bring an event from an idea to reality, and also to understand the pricing and structure that is in place, the jargon and the level of professionalism required.


• There is ALWAYS something to do
• Do ANYTHING your wonderful, perfect, “low maintenance” boss asks for
• The paperwork is VITAL in the running of an event
• Check for every detail that it is correct and confirm with the party planner.

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