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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1500 people... Enough Said.

This event was a lot of fun to work. Very creative, Clever and achieved the desired affect. The guest count for this event was 1500 people… you heard me right, ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE! The preparation to get food ready for that many people was unbelievable. The kitchen was functioning like a well oiled machine, cranking out food left right and center.

The concept behind this event was genius. Currently in Los Angeles there is a craze, and that craze is that of the food trucks. Trucks are going all over Los Angeles, and posting on twitter where they are going to be, and simply wait for the people to arrive. They receive huge numbers of followers on twitter, and generate great business. The trucks include Mexican food, cupcake trucks, smoothie trucks, you name it, it’s on wheels.

So for this event, Dan Smith posed the idea to the client about the food trucks, which she instantly fell in love with, but upon further thought, it would be difficult to get a few of the trucks in, and 1500 people into this event space…

So Dan devised a cunning plan, he reached out to a couple of the cup cake truck companies, asking if they would be interested in working this particular event with us. One company responded, and was delighted to have the opportunity.

Following their appointment, Dan then made up three completely fictional businesses, with their own twitter accounts, advertising so people can follow them, which when followed would be linked straight back to the Good Gracious! twitter account and website… GENIUS!

That’s when Terco Taco, Cheese Wheels LA and Ice Pick were born. All three had there own banners, uniforms, food, twitter accounts and employees. It worked so well.

With a large crowd such as this, it is a good idea to keep the food relatively simple, and that’s exactly what happened. The names of the companies speak for themselves, Cheese Wheels LA was a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, Terco Taco was Korean bbq tacos, eggs benedict tacos and more, and Ice Pick was a Smoothie Stand.

It just goes to show that you can do anything with a blank canvas. An idea can soon become reality if you just think outside the box. Again, I don’t think there are even 1500 people in Wales, let alone at the same party!!! It was so strange for me to see a huge crowd bought together, in such a random way. But that’s the industry and I love the fact that there are no limits to what the imagination can bring.

With this event, once again we had to work along side the other vendors. We got given our space, and the tools to work with and we just had to make it happen.

What will we think of next?


• Use free and simple resources available to you, to make a huge effect.
• Social networking is a modern and effective way to get noticed.
• 1500 people is a lot!

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